About us

At Direct Thread, we've been screen printing and fulfilling orders worldwide since 2006. We are the parent printing company for six major inhouse apparel brands and a complete fulfillment company for 70+ other brands.


Having learned the methods of online production fulfillment for our customers, we'll bring that knowledge to your apparel needs.


In the same way a customer shops online, a business owner or manager can now offer their company apparel to their employees and/or customers and have all orders shipped directly to them.

It's that simple: Set up your apparel offerings and promote to your customers. We can have you live in just hours.


Any questions, email us today. We're here to help you.
YOUR brand apparel is our number one priority.


We are a proud OH-IO based printer!
[ 781 Northwest Blvd #100 - Columbus OH, 43212 ]
-See our 60sec info video below-